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GENERAL GUIDE is a online platform that connects shipowners and charterers.


Shipowners can post listings of their vessels and in turn, Charterers can get in touch with them directly through’s messaging system.

For each listing page, there is a messaging feature that enables users to communicate directly with the user that created the listing. Simply click on the ‘send message’ button in the listing page to initiate contact with the shipowner.


The messages are integrated with the built-in private messaging system provided by Registration is required in order to be able to communicate with other users.

The first step is to register an account. Once your account is created, you will receive a email authentication request that should be clicked and confirmed in order to complete the registration process.


After your account has been registered, you can list your ship by visiting the ‘Add Listing’ section which is accessible from the right side of the top header section.

Once the listing is verified and approved by’s customer support team, interested parties can begin to communicate with you directly. 


You will receive a email notification once you receive a message from any interested party. To respond, simply login to your account, and access your private messaging system from your account dashboard.

No. There are no applicable fees for using provides users with highly customizable search options. For example, users can customize their search based on vessel type, vessel age, location, length range and other search parameters.

As with any ship chartering process, it is up to the involved parties to decide on how they wish to pursue matters with regards to the final agreement. 


Typically, the parties will agree on vessel detailed specifications, charter type, charter agreement terms, schedule, commercial terms and conditions that would ultimately be consolidated in a charter party agreement.


To get in touch, please send us a message through the Contact page at: takes the privacy of its user very seriously and works in strict conformance to Internationally accepted and ethical privacy terms and conditions. 


In addition, has proprietary measures in place to anonymize the identity of the posted vessels in order to enable shipowners and brokers to disclose their vessel identity – at their discretion- only to parties that they deem have shown firm and compatible interest. For more information, please visit our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the following link:


To vet an inquiry from a charterer or a charterer’s broker, please ensure the following:

– Charterer name is declared. If not, then charterer’s broker name and full style should be provided. Check to make sure declared name is that of a well known/reputed entity.

– Check whether the inquiry is for a firm charter or if its for speculative or budgetary/tendering purposes

– Ensure that complete information for the inquiry is provided by the charterer or their brokers (see Engagement Guidelines for charterers and charterers’ brokers).

-Ensure communication is clear and understood.

Upon receiving an inquiry, the shipowner or their shipbroker should be prepared to provide the following information after vetting the inquiry and receiving sufficient information from the charterer or their brokers:

– Confirmation whether the vessel is available to meet the charter requirements

– Name of Vessel

– Shipowner’s name

– Specifications

– Charter rate

If the entity making the enquiry passes a positive background check, then we recommend to name the vessel upon approval/confirmation of vessel specification.

If the entity making the inquiry is unknown, then we recommend to receive the charterer’s name prior to naming the vessel.

When inquiring about a ship through any of the listings, charterers and charterers’ brokers should check the vessel specification in the listing to make sure that it can fit the charter requirement. After the initial check is completed, charterers or their brokers can send a message to inquire about the vessel. During the course of the discussion/engagement, charterers and their brokers should be prepared to provide the following information:

– Charterer name or shipbroker’s full style

– Vessel Type and specifications

– Cargo or product to be transported

– Any restriction regarding type or size of ship or age or flag

– Charter rate idea (approximate if available)

-Type of Charter (i.e. time charter, Voyage, COA..)

– Cargo quantity [for voyage charter]

– Time period within which vessel is to be presented for loading [laycan] or date of commencement of charter

– Cargo quantity and Rate of loading and discharge [for Voyage Charter]

– Loading & Discharge Ports [for voyage charter]

– Place of Delivery and Redelivery of vessel [for time charter]

– Duration of charter [for time charter]

– Intended Trade Area [for time charter]

– Commissions to be paid by the shipowner

This will depend upon several factors, however in most engagements, we recommend that the charterer is named before providing commercial information.

Users can be reported for any of the following violations:

-If a user makes false claims that are judged to be incorrect or inaccurate

-If a user does not fulfill a written promise with regards to exchange of information

-If a user sends spam or unethical messages 

-If a user is judged to be sending spoof inquiries

-If a user engages in harassment

-If a user makes inquiries based on a charterer name that turns out to be a spoof charterer

-If a user lists spoof vessels or vessels that are in reality not available for charter or if user is representing spoof shipowners

-If a user is repeatedly sending messages that are not clear nor understood

-For violating any of the terms and conditions of

Depending on the severity of the violations and the number of times the user is reported,, at its sole discretion, may decide to one any or a combination of the following actions:

-Issue a warning to the user

-Temporarily suspend the user’s account

-Permanently suspend the user’s account

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